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The following link is to the Institute of the North; the Institute of the North aims to inform people on how to utilize and protect the resources of the Arctic. The Institute studies commonly-owned lands, seas, and resources using Alaska as a model and the state's role in policies affecting the North:

The following link is to the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission; this commission was founded on economic and resource development, a healthy environment, secure and safe communities, and transparent decision making. The Alaska Arctic Policy Commission works to positively influence federal Arctic policy for the sake of all Alaskans:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Alaska District and Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities partnered to study locations for an enhanced Alaska Deep-Draft Arctic Ports System. The draft results of the first year of the study are now available at:


The Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS) is pleased to announce that the CMTS draft document, "U.S. Arctic Marine Transportation System: Overview and Priorities for Action" is now available for public comment through April 22, 2013. It may be found on the CMTS web site at:


The Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee released the Arctic Research Plan FY 2013-2017, which can be downloaded from the White House web site at:

The Alaska Northern Waters Task Force (1 & 2) was created by the Legislature in 2011 and tasked with an initial examination of the issues brought forward by the opening of Alaska's Arctic waters. Per the Task Force's recommendation, the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission was legislatively created by HCR 23 (1 & 2) in April 2012, and held its first meeting March 23, 2013. The Commission will carry on the work of the NWTF in more detail, and create an actionable Arctic policy for Alaska.


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