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"Providing Professional Service Within Our Community"
Nome Police Dept. Logo
The Nome Police Department is here to serve the needs of the community. The Nome Police Department is a full service department, serving the city limits of Nome, comprised of a Chief of Police, two Patrol Sergeants, seven Sworn Police Officers, one Investigator, one Community Service Officer's, and a professional dispatch center employing Communications Officers. Our goal is to respond to every call for service as quickly as possible and with the utmost professionalism.

The Nome Alaska Police Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Nome Police Department is to preserve the peace, enforce the law, prevent and detect crime, and protect life and property.

The Nome Alaska Police Department Vision Statement

The Nome Police Department is committed to being a professional police department and a leader among Alaska’s law enforcement by hiring and promoting a professional staff, employing the highest standards of performance, best practices, accountability, and reflecting the values of the community.


The Nome Police Department must be committed to human values: honesty, integrity, service, compassion, fairness, diversity, human rights, and justice.


The Nome Police Department strives to adhere to the highest of standards and reflect the diversity of our community. The citizens of Nome and members of the police department must be united in our commitment to addressing crime, domestic violence, supporting our youth, our elders and quality of life issues by engaging one another as partners in the community as problem solvers. Nome Police policies and tactics must be driven by current, accurate and reliable information through existing and emerging technologies that strengthen Nome’s community.


The police department will strive to maintain the trust of the community through transparency by actively engaging with the public it serves. When there are complaints involving the police department, both the community and the police are best served by a system of accountability that is fair to all involved.


To make my vision reality, the police department must reward the hard work, ingenuity and resourcefulness of our employees by retaining and developing them into the next generation of leaders.   


102 Greg Kruschek Ave
PO Box 1230
Nome, AK 99762
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