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     The Emergency Services Administrator (ESA) currently works for the Fire and Ambulance departments. The ESA is responsible for all administrative duties associated with those departments.

     The ESA handles the billing of all ambulance runs for the City of Nome, in addition to insuring that both fire and ambulance departments are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act of 1996 (HIPAA). You may access the HIPAA links above for more information.

     The ESA submits National Fire Incident Reports to the State of Alaska on a quarterly basis for the Fire Department. This meets registration requirements for the Fire Department, making it eligible for federal and state grants.

     The ESA also coordinates the Local Emergency Planning Committee quarterly meetings. The Local Emergency Planning Committee is comprised of 23 local organizations and agencies that meet monthly to develop, broaden and enhance the communities Emergency Operations Plan. The LEPC also chairs one seat on the Statewide Local Emergency Planning Committee Association, which is comprised of local, municipal and borough wide LEPC's. One of the responsibilities of the LEPC is to assess and collect Extremely Hazardous Substances Tier II reports from business, organizations or agencies that store various types of chemical substances within Nome area. To find out if your business, organization or agency needs to complete the Tier II form please visit the Local Emergency Planning page, once there click on Tier II forms and FAQs. Please remember that these forms are due the beginning of March each year. The LEPC usually meets the third Thursday every other month, 12 noon at the Public Safety Building. Lunch is provided and the public is welcome to attend. For more information on the Nome LEPC please visit the Local Emergency Planning page, here.

Click here for Nome's Emergency Operations Plan.

     The Nome jurisdiction has recently participated in the State Homeland Security Assessment and Strategy program. This program assesses all Alaska jurisdictions' vulnerability to natural or man-made disasters (specifically Weapons of mass destruction and terrorism). The program also assessed all jurisdictions' emergency equipment needs. As part of the jurisdiction of Nome's participation in this strategy, we have become eligible for different types of Homeland security grants and funds through the State of Alaska.

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