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What is the general definition of Real Property?
Real Property (real estate) is the rights to land and improvements to the land.
What is the general definition of Personal Property?
Business personal property is composed of tangible assets held for use in a business, other than real property. Taxable business personal property includes, but is not limited to, inventory, supplies, furniture, fixtures, equipment, leasehold improvements, and rental furnishings. Personal property is also defined as any person holding personal property within the city boundaries such as boats, trailers, campers and recreational equipment.
What does mill rate mean and how do I use it to figure the amount of my taxes?
Definition: The tax per dollar of assessed value of property. The rate is expressed in "mills", where one mill is one-tenth of a cent ($0.001). Multiply the total assessed value (land value + improvements value) by the mill rate (10 mills). Example: If your total assessed value is $100,000.00, 1 mill would equal $100.00 ($100,000 X .001 = $100). So if the mill rate is 10 mills, your tax amount would be $1,000.00 ($100,000 X .010 = $1,000).
When should I expect to receive a bill for Real Property taxes?
Tax notices are typically mailed out between June 15th and July 1st of each year for the current year taxes. The mailing date is subject to change depending on when the City Council sets the mill rate.
When are Property Taxes due?
The first half installment is due in July. The second half installment is due in October. For more information, contact the City Clerk's Office.
What should I do if I do not receive a Property tax bill?
Contact the City Clerk's Office. Not receiving a tax bill does not relieve you from paying taxes
Can I pay my Property taxes via Internet or phone (i.e., using electronic check or credit card)?
No. At this time, the City of Nome does not offer these services
Who do I make my check payable to? What address do I use?
Make checks, money orders, cashier checks or travelers checks payable to: City of Nome. For mailing or physical address please visit the Clerk/Treasurer department.
What are the penalty and interest rates if I do not pay my property taxes timely?
If an installment is not paid in full by the due date, the unpaid balance of that installment becomes delinquent, plus penalty of 8% and interest at 8% per annum shall accrue on the unpaid balance of delinquent taxes from the due date until paid in full
What is the latest time I can make my payment for Property taxes and still be considered timely?
Payment must be physically received at City Hall by 5:00 PM on the due. Payments received after 5:00 PM on the due date will incurr penalty and interest. Please allow sufficient time for mail delivery to ensure your payment is timely. If for any reason you feel a payment might not arrive prior to 5:00 PM on the due date, please consider using the online payment portal to ensure timely payment.
If an appeal has been filed but is not finalized by the first and/or second half due date, do the taxes have to be paid?
Real Property taxes are due and payable as billed even if you have filed an appeal on the assessed value of your property. A refund will be made, if appropriate, after resolution of your appeal.
Can payments be made on Property taxes other than the due dates?
Yes, but that does not stop the penalty, interest or foreclosure costs from being applied to the account if at least the minimum payments were not paid by the first and second half due dates.
Can next year's Property taxes be paid in advance?
Yes, but the exact amount will not be known until after the City Council has established the mill rate for that year.
How do I know if my mortgage company has received the tax information for my account(s)?
It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure their mortgage company pays their taxes timely each year. Escrow contracts are between the property owner and the mortgage company.
How do I apply for a Senior Citizen or Disabled Veteran Exemption?
Applications, procedures and guidelines are available in the City Clerk's Office. . The application form can be found by going to City Forms & Permits on the Clerk's Office opening page.
Are Property taxes billed on a calendar year or some other basis?
Property taxes are billed on a calendar year basis (January - December).
When will my property be foreclosed on if I am delinquent on my Real Property taxes?
Bi-annually, a petition for judgment and decree of foreclosure and sale is filed with the Superior Court concerning real property parcels with unpaid delinquent taxes for the preceding year(s). Foreclosed property may be redeemed during the one-year redemption period by paying the tax amount(s) along with penalty, interest, and costs due. Properties not redeemed prior to the expiration of redemption period are deeded to the City. Deeded properties that are not repurchased beforehand may be taken by the City for public purpose or sold at public auction. Additional information regarding foreclosure, deed, and sale of foreclosed property may be obtained by contacting the City Clerk's Office.
How will my account be affected if the check I mail for payment does not clear my bank?
Payment will be reversed off of the account back to the effective date of the payment. The tax billing system will automatically apply any penalty, interest and costs as if the payment was never made. An additional $25.00 cost will be added for returned check fee.
What should I do if I recently sold my property, but I am still getting the tax bill?
Contact the City Clerk's Office for all ownership and address changes.
Why should I pay penalty and interest on a late payment when I never received my tax bill?
It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure their taxes are paid timely each year. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the taxpayer of responsibility for timely payment or constitute cause for cancellation of penalty, interest or costs in cases of delinquency.
Is Transient Moorage Available at the Port of Nome?
Yes, Transient Moorage is available in Nome.
When are Tier II forms due?
Tier II forms are due each year no later than March 1st.
Can I file the Federal Tier II form or does the State have its own?
You must use the State of Alaska Tier II form.
Where can I get a copy of the Alaska Tier II Form?
The Alaska Tier II form is available from your Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) or SERC website (http://www.ak-prepared.com/serc/tier)
What chemicals are subject to the EPCRA?
A consolidated list of chemicals subject to the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act can be found at this site's (http://www/ak-prepared.com/serc/tier) page titled covered substances.
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