EPCRA Reporting Requirements

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     EPCRA does not place limits on which chemicals can be stored, used, released, disposed, or transferred at a facility. It only requires a facility to document, notify, and report information.

     The owner or operator of a facility that is required to prepare or to make available to its employees a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) under an Occupational Safety and Hazard (OSHA) Communication standard must submit each such MSDS and emergency hazardous chemical inventory forms (Tier II) to the SERC, the LEPC, and the local fire department. Determining if a facility is subject to EPCRA emergency planning requirements is straightforward. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a list of "extremely hazardous substances (EHS)." More information can be found at this website.

     Local Emergency Planning Committee are planning entities. They cannot commit manpower or resources. Together, local governments, which can use their expertise to help their communities be prepared for, mitigate, and respond when their is a disaster. LEPC's help involve citizens in the discussion about what appropriate emergency response is for each community, where public funds are spent, whether and how much of those funds should go for additional responder training, training of local government officials, or for purchasing response equipment.

     Every year the LEPC coordinator sends out a letter and Tier II forms (emergency hazardous chemical inventory) to businesses in the Nome area. If you have received one and don't have anything to report, please check the top box (nothing to report) in the upper left hand corner and mail back the report with the pre-paid envelope or drop off at City Hall.


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