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This information is provided as a Public Safety Announcement to prevent unnecessary enforcement actions

The City of Nome and the Nome Police Department advises citizens of safety issues relating to the operation of off-road vehicles within the City.


  • By ordinance, the City of Nome has authorized the use of off-highway vehicles within the City as a means of transportation. The following restrictions apply:
    • All off-highway vehicles must comply with applicable state statutes and regulations to include registration and equipment requirements;
    • All persons operating an off-highway vehicle must possess a valid State of Alaska driver’s license; and
    • No person under the age of 16 may operate an off-highway vehicle in the city unless under the direct supervision of an adult.


**Helmet use is strongly encouraged and highly recommended for all ATV riders. Helmets can be purchased at a reduced cost from the Norton Sound Injury Prevention Program.

**Off- highway vehicles include snow machines, ATV’s, and all other motorized vehicles that are not registered as passenger vehicles with the State of Alaska Division of Motor vehicles.


This ordinance does not apply to State Highways which include: Front Street; Bering Street; Seppala Drive; Center Creek Road; the Nome/Beltz/Teller Highway and Nome/Council Highway. Off-highway vehicle use of these highways is prohibited.




Those who are in violation of statutes or ordinance will be subject to issuance of a traffic citation and possible impound of the ATV. The following penalties are listed in Alaska Statute/Administrative Code and Nome Code of Ordinance:


AS 28.10.011 – Driving without a Valid Operator’s License

  • Up to $300 fine and 2 points against your license


13AAC 02.455(a) – Off Highway Vehicle Operating on Highways

  • $50 fine and 2 points against your license


8.15.020 Unlicensed operators.

(a) No person without a valid Alaska Class D driver’s license, or equivalent from another jurisdiction in their possession shall operate an ATV or snow machine except as provided in Section 8.15.030.

(b) No person shall operate an ATV or snow machine in violation of any condition or limitation of any driver’s license. (Ord. O-08-01-01 § 3 (part), 2008)

**See Penalty for AS 28.10.011

8.15.030 Age—Vehicle operation.

No person under the age of sixteen shall operate an ATV or snow machine unless under the direct supervision of an adult. (Ord. O-08-01-01 § 3 (part), 2008)

  • $50 first offense/$75 second offense/$150 third offense
  • Mandatory Court Appearance


10.40.010 Helmets Required.

All drivers of motorcycles, motor scooters, all-terrain vehicles and snow machines under the age of eighteen, and all passengers shall be required to wear DOT approved crash helmets when utilizing aforementioned vehicles within city limits. (Ord. O-98-10-1 (part), 1997)

  • $50 first offense/$75 second offense/$150 third offense
  • Mandatory Court Appearance


In addition, the parent/guardian of any minor may be held liable for the conduct of the minor they are responsible for...


If you are operating an ATV, the following restrictions apply:

  • Not to exceed 20 miles per hour;
  • No passengers are allowed on any vehicle not designed to carry passengers;
  • You must drive to the far right of the roadway and on the shoulder. If available;
  • If an alternate route is available that will not violate regulations, you must take it; and
  • Helmet use is required as per the code regardless of location.


If you have questions or concerns, please call the Nome Police Department at (907)443-5262. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to safety.

























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